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Wedding Makeup DIY while getting professional results

Updated: May 18, 2020

Whether you have been planning your wedding for months or you are recently engaged, social distancing has definitely changed expectations of what a wedding day will look like. Because I have had several clients decide to limit the people that they have contact with on their wedding day, I wanted to share a way to get professional results during this unprecedented time: online bridal makeup classes.

When you book a online bridal makeup class, you'll have an digital interaction with a professional. This differentiates from Youtube videos because the artist will be able to customize the look to your specific face shape and eye shape. You'll be able to ask questions and they'll can show you how to work with the products you already have as well as recommend ones that best suit your needs.

How to set up a online class:

1.) Select a couple makeup looks that your really drawn to. You can look online, Pinterest is my favorite, or in magazines. I recommend to select pictures the have the same skin tone and eye color as you. If your unsure which look, select one that's a softer and a look that's a little more dramatic.

2.) Select an artist whose work you love! Look at portfolios, websites, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Find work that is similar to the pictures you've selected. Send a email and set up a call to go over the details and ask the artist about the educational background.

3.) I like to set up a initial call to go over my clients makeup bag before the call, so that I know she will be readily prepared for the class. I offer my clients the option to have products shipped directly to their house. The convince not only eliminates a trip to the store, but also insures her that she's getting the right product.

4.) Once your class is booked, Bring your makeup bag to your class so the artist can show you how to use the products you have to create the look and then bump it up to the more dramatic look.

4.) BONUS: Also, consider booking a class on your wedding day. Book the time you plan on getting ready and your artist will be there to help guide you and put you more at ease.

So don't worry beautiful brides to be. Even though we can't be there physically, know that we are here to help you every step of the way!

For more information or questions regarding these services please email me at:

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