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Do you ever think about a distant past, back when you were just a little girl? Correct me if I am wrong but I’m guessing that at least once, just like all other girls, you found yourself daydreaming about your wedding day. You thought about where it was going to be and will it be truly special! Maybe in Bali, on the beach, with a setting so romantic it took your breath away just by thinking about it. Perhaps out in the desert, overlooking the unique scenery of the Grand Canyon or even something as adventurous and special as getting married in a helicopter! You thought about who it was going to be with, who will be this man whom you will call a husband.

The main thing which made you as anxious as it made you excited, what will you look like?

You have carried those thoughts all the way from your childhood to now, the time when it is actually happening! And now, just like back then, you find yourself thinking and probably worrying, will you have the dress you love, will your hair look impeccable and finally, will your face and your makeup look the way you have envisioned it? Will it be the look you consider average and a look you feel like you’ve seen on dozens of times, the look you won’t be truly happy with, the look which will leave you regretting or the look which will blow away both you, your future husband and everyone else as they see you walk towards him and get married.


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All women want the look which makes everybody’s jaw drop, the one which makes you feel confident and radiant. The look that makes your family cry and makes all your friends a little jealous for looking like perfection. However, as good as all that sounds, for most girls, it stays a dream.


Not because they’re not beautiful enough but because it takes experience and skills of the right makeup artist to bring out and enhance their natural beauty in a way that leaves everybody speechless. And the sad reality is, many women work with a makeup artist that they are not one hundred percent certain about. There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding and often times getting the perfect makeup artist and finding your perfect look long before walking down the aisle is something which unfortunately is left on the back burner.


However, the women who do see the importance of looking unbelievably beautiful and find the right makeup artist and look in time, are lucky enough to look back on their wedding day, sifting through the album without any regrets or thoughts such as “I wish I had more time to focus on myself... my makeup could have looked better than