Sanitation Practices

I have taken advantage of various educational courses to ensure that I provide a safe and sanitary environment for all of my clients. Here is a list of previous and new measures that I am taking to provide that for you:

  • Hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

  • If a hand washing sink isn't available, using a hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol

  • Wearing 3 layer face mask

  • Wearing a face shield/googles

  • Wearing a smock

  • Wearing gloves when necessary 

  • Having a freshly laundered and clean cape for each client 

  • Cleaning and disinfecting the work station and chair with a hospital grade EPA disinfectant before and after every client 

  • Replaced my standard cloth directors chair, with a non porous one to so it can be properly sanitized

  • Discarding single use items immediately after use

  • Utilizing airbrush makeup to create a low touch makeup application

  • Replacing the place mats on the working station after each client

  • Using metal sharpeners instead of plastic ones to ensure they are completely disinfected 

  • Having prepackaged disposable applicators for each client

  • Using disposable palettes

  • Sanitizing the eyelash curler and sharpener before and after every use in front of the client with a hospital grade disinfectant 

  • Making sure everything on my station has a lid and is covered while working

  • Using containers that are non porous so they can be properly disinfected

  • Streamlining my kit, so I only have what is necessary for the application on my work station

  • Removing pressed powders from original packaging with a disposable applicator  before applying to client; NEVER double dipping! 

  • Placing all touched products in a soiled container and disinfecting packaging before utilizing on the next client or placing back into my kit.

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