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Frequently Asked Questions 


How far in advance should I book my service?

The sooner the better! I often take bookings a year in advance.

I can't decide on a look, can you help me?

Of course! I recommend to schedule a design appointment and bring a few pictures of makeup styles that you like.

I've seen other makeup artist's charge less, can you match their prices?

I want to be fair with all my brides. My prices are competitive with other artists that have similar knowledge, experience, and skill. I also take every precaution to provide a safe and sanitary environment for my clients.

Do I have to sign the Client Service Agreement for makeup services?

Yes. The agreement protects both you and me. It outlines exactly what our obligations are to one another as artist and client. This avoids misunderstandings and confusion. The date cannot be reserved without a completed agreement.

I am I supposed to pay for all the bridal parties hair and makeup?

No. If that doesn't fit in your budget, I have had brides collect weekly payments (through apps like Venmo) from their party a few months before so when your wedding arrives its all taken of.

How do I pay for services?

We accept cash or credit card payments. A invoice that accepts secured payments will be emailed.

Do you come to us or do we come to you?

For the design appointment and the day of the wedding we will travel to where the bride is getting ready. We generally travel to the brides hotel or home.


My bridesmaids will also be getting their makeup done, do you work alone or do you have assistants?

I have a team of artists who I work with and trust. The number of artists needed at a wedding is determined by the number of services requested and the time everyone needs to be ready by.

What do you do for those with skin allergies or sensitivity?

If anyone has skin allergies or sensitivity we strongly suggest scheduling a design appointment early in your wedding planning process. This will make sure their are no reactions to the makeup used. All the products we use are hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic.

Can I make changes to my contract once it is signed?

If you would like to add services and as long as we can accommodate you, that is not a problem. Deletions of services once a contract is signed are not permitted and no refunds are given for unused services. You can replace a person’s service with another if necessary as long as you let us know before the wedding day. This is why it is highly suggested that you know for sure—at the signing of the contract—how many of your attendants will be getting services.


Why can’t I delete services and receive a refund?

Brides book my services far in advance—sometimes a year out. That means that I refuse all inquires during this time. I am dedicated to you and your party and take no other weddings or work that day except for yours.

Do you accept separate payments from bridesmaids?

No. As the bride, you pay all deposits and final balances, and it is your responsibility to garner payment from your bridal party. You can collect funds electronically via services like PayPal and Venmo. 

Why is the bride's makeup more expensive than the bridal party?


For starters, more time and attention is spent with the bride from the very first day of contact, up until the day of the wedding. From phone calls, emails, contracts, and creating day-of schedules to the extra time spent getting the bride ready on her big day, placing her veil, additional touch-up time, and spending extra time on her makeup, my focus is always on her. Since the the bride is the main client, as it’s her wedding day, all of this is included in her price. Since it’s a group, no additional time is needed for the booking process.  Our costs are all time spend doing administration work, education/skills, products, mileage, personal protective equipment and general costs of running a business. That’s why we have to charge what may seem a higher rate in general.

Design Appointment:

Should I do a makeup design appointment?

It’s totally up to you!  I have found that doing a design appointment allows the bride to feel at ease on the day of. This is because by doing a design appointment, we are able to build a rapport and test out the styles for your wedding day. You can finalize the look and know that on the wedding day there will be no surprises and we will be on the same page. Doing a trial often saves you stress on the day of, but again it’s up to you and what you are most comfortable with. If you can’t do the design appointment or decide not to, just make sure that you send inspiration photos to me so I have an idea of what you are going for. 

How do I select inspiration pictures?

We all know that they should be styles you love, but also pay attention to the model. Look for someone who has the same eye/hair color as you do. You can take it one step further and also look for someone who has the same eye/face shape as you do. Magazines, Pinterest, Instagram and good old Google are great places to look.


Can I simply pay for the design appointment?

Of course. However, your date and stylists are not secured until a contract has been signed and the deposit has been paid for the wedding, so you run the risk of someone else booking.

How long does a design appointment take?

You want to set aside 1 1/2 to 2 hours for your design appointment.

What should I bring to my Design Appointment?

Images of hair and makeup inspiration ideas are a useful jumping off point for our stylists to create your wedding day look. If you use a special lip color or cosmetic product, we encourage you to bring it along.  As for guests, please avoid bringing more than two people because sometimes too many opinions can be overwhelming!

How should I prepare my skin for my design appointment?

Brides should moisturize their skin prior to the appointment; this will enable the makeup to go on smoother and last longer. 

Before the wedding:

How long before my makeup service should I get waxed?

Because of possible irritation, I recommend 1 week or a minimum of 3 days. If it's done too close to the makeup application, your makeup will not adhere properly.


When should I get a facial?

Please do not recieve a facial less than 5 days before your wedding.

When should I get a spray tan?

Get a spray tan days before your wedding.  Spray tans need time to settle into the skin and you want to ensure that your tan is as natural looking as possible and doesn’t come off on your gown.

When will I receive the wedding day timeline?

A typical time to receive your timeline is 30 days prior to the wedding day. For special circumstances, we will provide you with a timeline a bit earlier but understand we cannot send out timelines too far in advance because the details more than likely have not been finalized and timelines take a bit of work and organization.

Anything I should do the night before?

Use a brightening and/or hydrating mask the day before your design appointment or wedding.  These are easy on the skin, but add a layer of hydration and are wonderful pre-makeup. DON'T Use a clarifying mask the night before your trial or wedding.  These can bring up bacteria and dirt to the surface causing purging or breakouts.  

Day of Services:

How long does hair and makeup take on the wedding day?

The average bridal party requires four-five hours with you and your party. For smaller parties your team may not need that much time. Each party is unique!

What should I wear to my makeup service?

A button down shirt or those cute wedding party robes are perfect! It will make the transition from clothes to dress easy.

What is a low touch airbrush makeup application?

Because I apply your foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter, and brows, it reduces the amount of makeup brushes being used  and reduces touching the products before coming in contact with your face. Not only does it make it more hygienic it also creates a HD finish in person and in camera. The formula is also water resistant, sweat resistant and transfer resistant.

I want my makeup to last all day. Can you apply more than usual?

More isn't always better. The products I use are specially formulated to last. Water resistant, sweat resistant and humidity resistant.

How much time do you need for both hair and makeup?

For your bridal makeup, it will take about a hour. For bridesmaids, it will take about 30-45 minutes.

Should I select my bridal party's makeup look?

It is recommended. This way you can insure that the party's look is harmonious across the board. You can also use this as an opportunity to gift your bridesmaids touchup kits which include lip liner, lipstick and blotting sheets.​ I can supply these on the day of with prior ordering.

Do you provide false lashes?

Yes. All of my services include complementary false lashes.

How will my makeup stay fresh throughout my wedding day?

As our gift to the bride we supply the bride with a powder puff to help control shine. Keep in mind airbrush foundation is water resistant, transfer resistant, and sweat resistant, so little touch up is needed. If a bride is afraid she will be crying we teach them the tear ducts are located in the inner corner of the eye where little makeup is applied. When starting to tear up blot the inner corner of the eyes avoiding tears from pooling out of the eye.

Do you offer touch-ups before the ceremony?

We do offer a premium touch-up service which is priced separately. This we would need to know before your trial as the rates you were originally quoted may turn into a “day rate” pricing structure if you require a full day of your stylist(s) time. Again, each party is unique so please discuss this at your trial.

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