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What to look for in a makeup artist for your wedding

After being a bridal makeup artist for over 5 years, I've see the high and low emotions that a bride can go through. Because of this, I made a conscious decision that I will ensure that my client's have the most stress free and enjoyable beauty experience. I am usually one of the last people that works with her before she heads out into a whirlwind of celebration, I want her to be focused on the most important thing, the unity of her and the love of her life.


Artists are just like snowflakes, everyone is different. When deciding on an artist, look for one that has applications that speak to your esthetic. Are you looking for full Vegas glam or are you looking for something more airy and chic? Some artists are versed in both sides of the spectrum, but you want to make sure the one you choose can fulfill your wedding dreams. Portfolios now come in digital format. Usually a website or social media, like Instagram or Facebook. Hiring a company opposed to an individual artist? Ask the company for a portfolio for a few of their artists, so you can select the one perfect for you.

Before the wedding day

Just like your wedding planning, your makeup artist should be planning your beauty services. They should be in consistent contact leading up to the wedding day. Collecting the obvious details are important such as amount of services, location and time. But the smaller details make a huge difference on ensuring the day goes smoothly, like your vision for you and your party, bridesmaids dress colors, and most importantly creating a schedule. The schedule should reflect all clients that are getting services and their designated time. This creates structure for you and places some responsibility on the party.

Wedding Day

Today's the day! Your artist should have all the information they need. You should just have to sit back and relax and enjoy your time with your bridal party. I like to arrive 30 min. early to hotel locations and 15 min. to residencies to give me enough time to set up and be ready to start on time. Your artist should have a clean and tidy work space and products. I usually supply a directors chair and the makeup light so that I can color match effectively. Disposable makeup applicators, multiple sets of brushes for each client and proper sanitizing products like 70% Isopropyl alcohol and cosmetic sanitizer spray are all good signs that your artist practices proper hygiene from client to client. Your artist should also be cleaning up after each service to eliminate the chance of cross contamination. My bride is the last service so that her makeup is fresh and ready to seize the day! The application is usually a chance for her to relaxant soak up the pampering because we have already discussed the look and everything is already set in place. I like start my service with a skincare calming skincare application with facial roller to help with relaxing and puffiness and eye patches to ease darkness. After completing the makeup application, I send the bride to get dressed and do touch ups on the girls. Once everyone has been completed, I always ask my bride if there is anything else I can assist with. Maybe helping with bustle, putting on a bracelet or even applying some body lotion. I am not done until you are completed. Pick someone that you feel is there for you beyond a makeup application. Our job is so much more than that. Make sure your once in a life time experience is unforgettable.

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